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Our Approach

Selective and disciplined investment strategy

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Robust underwriting process

EI conducts thorough due diligence to identify, mitigate, and price risks. Our intelligent investment structures address downside protection and liquidity options at the time of underwriting.

Asset-intensive businesses across global markets

We look for durable cash flows and actionable business plans across geographies and sectors. We target scalable companies and assets benefiting from the favorable demographic trends of our core markets.

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Andean Tower Partners | Colombia

EI provides more than capital

The EI team is an extension of our team. They are a critical part of our strategic thinking from idea inception to execution and implementation. At every phase of our business plan, they are there with us shoulder-to-shoulder rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. This is what every management team wants to see and have in a partner.

Executive Chairman, Andean Tower Partners

Andean Tower Partners | Colombia

Long-term capital relationships begin with good communication, integrity, and transparency.

– Sam Zell