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Bracor acquires, develops, and owns corporate properties throughout Brazil, primarily single-tenant office and industrial assets. Bracor exclusively focuses on the highest-quality Brazilian and multinational companies such as Petrobras, IBM, Colgate, Ambev, John Deere, DHL, Bosch Siemens and Procter & Gamble. The Company adheres to disciplined underwriting standards and has outstanding expertise in build-to-suit, sale leaseback and acquisition transactions. Since formation in 2006, Bracor has invested over US$1 billion and assembled more than 1 million square meters of assets, recognized as an unparalleled portfolio of institutional quality corporate properties in Brazil. EI monetized substantially all of its interests in Bracor through an organized series of portfolio sales in 2011.

Brazil’s expanding economy is driving an increase in the need for real estate, requiring more modern facilities including state-of-the-art logistics warehouses and international-standard corporate office property. A historical lack of permanent debt and equity capital in Brazil has resulted in an undeveloped real estate industry characterized by fragmented ownership, forced owner-occupation and poor asset quality. The emergence of debt capital is expected to bring about a structural shift toward institutional ownership financing of real estate.


Privately held corporate property company

Founded in 2006

Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil

EI Investment: 2006-2011

EI co-founded Bracor with Carlos Betancourt



Latin America's largest economy

Strong macroeconomic conditions – declining inflation and interest rates

4% GDP growth in 2006

Expanding access to debt capital

Limited supply of modern, professionally managed/developed corporate property