Aligning institutional capital with strong partnerships across growth markets

Founded by Sam Zell. Based on his principles.

The critical question as a global investor today is, "where’s the demand?"

Sam Zell

Our target markets have favorable demographic fundamentals for medium and long-term growth. These countries have built-in demand, investable size and scale, and a respect for the rule of law.

Decameron | Mompiche

Navigating risk in global markets for 20 years

  • 31 investments
  • 6 continents
  • 6 funds and 8 additional investment vehicles

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Catalyst for companies with institutional aspirations

EI’s focus on strong governance, compliance, and operating standards, enhances our portfolio companies’ access to capital. Business plan execution differentiates our portfolio companies from competitors.

SAMHI | Sheraton Hyderabad

Terranum Corporate Properties | Connecta

Active partner with talented management teams and investors

EI is a highly engaged owner. Through extensive collaboration with management and shareholders, and by leveraging the Zell network, we help companies build processes and practices that create value for all constituents.

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