Xinyuan Real Estate

Xinyuan Real Estate (“Xinyuan”), headquartered in Beijing, was a developer of large-scale, high-quality, multiple rise apartment buildings targeting middle-income consumers in China. The company focused on select Tier 2 cities, … Continued

Terranum Corporate Properties

Terranum Corporate Properties (“TCP”), headquartered in Bogotá, was focused on the development, ownership, and management of institutional-quality, corporate property in Colombia. The company’s properties were specifically designed to meet the … Continued


Tenda was a publicly traded Brazilian homebuilder headquartered in São Paulo, focused on the affordable and entry-level segment in Brazil. In March 2009, EI acquired a block of shares from … Continued

Shanghai Yupei Group Co., Ltd

Shanghai Yupei Group (“Yupei”) was headquartered in Shanghai and developed, owned, and operated international-quality warehousing and distribution properties in mainland China. The company focused primarily in the Yangtze River Delta … Continued

Shanghai Jingrui Properties Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Jingrui Properties (“Jingrui”), headquartered in Shanghai, built and sold homes to middle- and upper-middle income consumers in the Yangtze River Delta region of China. Jingrui developed high-quality, affordable homes … Continued

Parque Arauco

Parque Arauco was focused on the acquisition, development, and management of shopping centers, primarily in Chile. The company professionalized operations and introduced modern formats in the Latin American retail sector. … Continued

Orascom Housing Communities

Orascom Housing Communities (“OHC”), headquartered in Cairo, was a private homebuilder focused on providing high-quality, affordable housing to low-income consumers in Egypt and the surrounding region. EI monetized its investment … Continued

NH Hoteles

EI and NH Hoteles, a European owner and operator of hotels, created Latinoamericana de Gestion Hotelera (“Latina”) to capitalize on the shortage of quality business-class hotels in Latin America. Latina … Continued

Mexico Retail Properties

Mexico Retail Properties (“MRP”), headquartered in Mexico City, focused on the development, acquisition, and ownership of shopping centers in Mexico. The company was a fully integrated developer, owner, and operator … Continued

LifeCare Residences International

LifeCare Residences International Group (“LRI”), headquartered in London, was a developer, owner, and operator of premium retirement villages in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The company was formed in … Continued