Xinyuan Real Estate

Xinyuan Real Estate (“Xinyuan”), headquartered in Beijing, was a developer of large-scale, high-quality, multiple rise apartment buildings targeting middle-income consumers in China. The company focused on select Tier 2 cities, … Continued

Terranum Corporate Properties

Terranum Corporate Properties (“TCP”), headquartered in Bogotá, was focused on the development, ownership, and management of institutional-quality, corporate property in Colombia. The company’s properties were specifically designed to meet the … Continued


Tenda was a publicly traded Brazilian homebuilder headquartered in São Paulo, focused on the affordable and entry-level segment in Brazil. In March 2009, EI acquired a block of shares from … Continued

Shanghai Yupei Group Co., Ltd

Shanghai Yupei Group (“Yupei”) was headquartered in Shanghai and developed, owned, and operated international-quality warehousing and distribution properties in mainland China. The company focused primarily in the Yangtze River Delta … Continued

Shanghai Jingrui Properties Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Jingrui Properties (“Jingrui”), headquartered in Shanghai, built and sold homes to middle- and upper-middle income consumers in the Yangtze River Delta region of China. Jingrui developed high-quality, affordable homes … Continued

Parque Arauco

Parque Arauco was focused on the acquisition, development, and management of shopping centers, primarily in Chile. The company was recognized as a leader in the retail sector for its role … Continued

Orascom Housing Communities

Orascom Housing Communities (“OHC”), headquartered in Cairo, was the first private homebuilder focused on providing high-quality, affordable housing to low-income consumers in Egypt and the surrounding region. EI monetized its … Continued

NH Hoteles

EI and NH Hoteles, a recognized European owner and operator of hotels, created Latinoamericana de Gestion Hotelera (“Latina”) to capitalize on the shortage of quality business-class hotels in Latin America. … Continued

Mexico Retail Properties

Mexico Retail Properties (“MRP”), headquartered in Mexico City, focused on the development, acquisition, and ownership of shopping centers in Mexico. The company was a fully integrated developer, owner, and operator … Continued

LifeCare Residences International

LifeCare Residences International Group (“LRI”), headquartered in London, was a developer, owner, and operator of premium retirement villages in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The company was formed in … Continued